Dolphin Tale (2011)

This is a movie about a somewhat disobedient water creature that befriends a troubled young boy whom ends up saving the creature’s life.  It is not an installment in the Free Willy franchise.  Instead, it is based on actual events that took place involving a dolphin that lost its tail due to being caught in a crab trap, and the efforts to develop a prosthetic tail for it so it would not die.  I am being as clear as the movie was in making its points.

Dolphin Tale was directed by Charles Martin Smith (best known as the guy nobody but me remembers from The Untouchables) and it is a fairly bland and emotionally manipulative tale depicting those actual events with a bit of creative license.  It is positioned as good, family-friendly and touching fun, though at points it has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.  However, I didn’t hate it, because who could actually hate a movie about an animal being saved.

It features performances from Harry Connick, Jr., Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman, Kris Kristofferson, Ray McKinnon and some child actors.  For me, it’s an instantly forgettable movie or at least it would be if I were not cursed with a great memory.  An inoffensive way (if you don’t include the remote control helicopter scene) to kill time with your loved ones.  If movies could be considered mash-ups, this would be Free Willy mashed up with Soul Surfer.

2.5 / 5

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