A Christmas Story (1983)

There are some movies that you watch as a child that you will forever beholden to, a fierce champion of, and (probably) embarrassed by when you show it to your own (god forbidden) children.  Then there are the movies that you didn’t watch as a kid that everyone else did, and when you see it almost 30 years after it was released, you wonder what the hell everyone else was smoking.  A Christmas Story is a bit like the latter one for me, having never seen it before just now.

I can definitely see the charm in it, but I can also say that it is a bit painfully dated (casual racism was okay in 1983!), even for being a movie about an unspecified time period.  I’m not going to go into great detail about the movie because chances are great that I’m one of the few 33-year-old people that has never seen it.  Wait, I’m Canadian, does that get me off?  No?  I also never watched TBS!  Still no?  Fudge (I didn’t say fudge).

I do like the manic energy of the movie, coming off as more of a family friendly Better Off Dead in some respects.  It definitely reeks of being an 80’s movie, and not in the best of decade-defining ways.  Darren McGavin is quite great in his performance as The Old Man though, a performance years before its time.  Think Bryan Cranston in “Malcolm in the Middle”.  Or at least the first season that everyone watched and never stuck around for.  I can’t have been the only one who did that.

Anyways, it’s enjoyable enough, but won’t make it into my yearly Christmas movie watching rotation.

3 / 5


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