Fright Night (2011)

After watching the entire run of Joss Whedon’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” multiple times over, I’ve got a concrete idea of what vampire mythology is all about.  Same thing with Back to the Future and time travel movies.  There are ideas that I will reject instantly because THEY AREN’T RIGHT like vampires sparkling in daylight and books for teenagers that are abstinence parables, because fuck that noise.  Vampires are soulless demons and there are many rules and such that apply to killing them and dealing with them.  THESE RULES ARE SET.

When I heard that there was yet another remake/reimagining/whatever bullshit you want to categorize it as, and it was based on a horror movie that I had never seen, I had no interest in seeing it at all.  Then I heard some pretty great things about Colin Farrell’s performance in it, and I kind of said “oh alright, I’ll check it out someday.”  Now I have, and immediately after watching the screenplay credit come up, I was delighted that it was written by “Buffy” vet, Marti Noxon.  As far as I’m concerned, that means it takes place in the same universe as “Buffy” and that is an awesome thing to have surprise you at the end of a movie.

I’m not going completely ga-ga for the movie though, since it was filmed for 3D and there are such stupid 3D set pieces put into the film that it definitely takes you out of the movie if you don’t watch it that way.  Great cast though, with Anton Yelchin still being able to somewhat believably play a nerdy high school kid, Toni Collette as his hot mom (I THINK SHE’S ATTRACTIVE SCREW YOU GUYS IF YOU DON’T), and perfect supporting cast members.  Lisa fucking Loeb has a brief appearance too!

Highly recommended, great fun, and another awesome Colin Farrell performance of scenery chewing to go along with Horrible Bosses earlier this year.  Dude is great.

3.5 / 5


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