The People vs. George Lucas (2010)

Like many nerds, I have a love/hate feeling towards George Lucas.  I’m not as strongly focused on the minutia of detail that most Star Wars nerds are (I do get the difference between Han shooting first and Greedo shooting first, but I don’t care that much), but I do greatly dislike many of the decisions he’s made over the years.  I understand that he’s less of a filmmaker now and more of an uncaring, heartless businessman, but COME ON, just release the original versions of the Trilogy (there is only one Trilogy) cleaned up, UNEDITED on Blu-Ray.

Anyways, this documentary explores the history and evolution/devolution of Lucas since the beginning of his film career.  It features many impassioned nerd rantings and ravings, as well as brief interviews with famous artists such as Neil Gaiman about the ownership of art when it is released into the public.  There are some fascinating points made on both sides, interesting perspectives and ultimately, the film doesn’t have a bias.  It shows both sides pretty equally, though NERD RAGE is always louder than rational thinking.

It’s a fairly predictable doc, and one nerds such as myself have probably gone on and on about for years.  It will not surprise me when Lucas announces that they’ve remastered the original negatives of the Trilogy and will release it in its unedited form one day because MONEY.

3 / 5

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