The Reunion (2011)

As part of the research for any film I watch, I check the IMDb page and Wikipedia article for it to see if there’s anything I might have missed, or if there was some sort of reaction to it in a way I cannot fathom so I will have ingredients for my write-up.  Sometimes I’m aghast (like the mention about Horrible Bosses being misogynistic), sometimes I’m glad someone else noticed what I did, and sometimes I’m just baffled by the RottenTomatoes or Metacritic rating of it.  The Reunion – a John Cena-starring, WWE Studios production – currently has a 9% RT rating based off of 11 reviews.

Now most major movies are reviewed by far more than 11 people, and The Reunion was an almost straight-to-DVD release so it wasn’t treated the same way something like Kung Fu Panda 2 was.  Most critics are pretentious and fairly close-minded and when they see “WWE” stamped on something, so they immediately approach it with an agenda or just outright refuse to watch it.  All of this is just my way of damning The Reunion with faint praise by saying those other critics are idiots and this movie isn’t something revolutionary or devolutionary so just shut up and accept that it is a perfectly cromulent action movie.

Cena stars as the hot-headed older brother Sam, joined by Ethan Embry as the middle brother Leo, Amy Smart as their sister Nina, and Boyd Holbrook as the younger brother none of them knew.  Their dad has just passed away and Nina is the executor of his will, and there are stipulations to everyone getting a share of dad’s money and it involves them working together for a period of two years.  Something else happens involving the hostage-taking of a stinking rich businessman (Gregg Henry) and the brothers decide to go for the get-rich-quick scheme instead of earning their money.

There’s nothing terribly wrong with the movie at all.  It’s not a good movie, but it is an enjoyable enough action sorta comedy and will not make you feel dumber for having watched it.  It’s not a Michael Bay movie here people, where you’re actively seething because hundreds of millions of dollars turned up something that looks and sounds like it is the mental equivalent of oxygen loss.

2.5 / 5


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