Friends with Benefits (2011)

Dammit dammit dammit.  I really wanted to go in and hate this movie, I tried, I did, but no, alas, I could not.  This being the third in the “we’re fucking but not in a relationship” trilogy of the past year (the excellent Love & Other Drugs and the unbearably terrible No Strings Attached were the previous two), you can excuse me from being a little worn out from all the casual sex romantic comedies that I’ve been enjoying (or not enjoying as the case may be).  Anyways, for one reason or another, I knew nothing about Friends with Benefits, both the film version and in real life (ladies, I’m single), other than Justin Timberlake and some attractive woman starred in it.

How fantastic is it that the attractive woman is Mila Kunis, who is as close to a dude as you can get while still having very attractive female attributes.  So then I was hooked, and then I found out that director Will Gluck’s previous film was the excellent Easy A which was one of my favourite movies of last year (guess I’m going to have to watch Fired Up! someday after all), which made me want to love it even more.  For the most part, it was actually a pretty solid rom-com with some fun cameos and meta-references to rom-coms.

It’s not a movie that really needs a plot synopsis, it’s like Snakes on a Plane, it’s right there in the title.  But of course they’re going to fall for one another, it is a movie after all.  Don’t be all “it was sooooo predictable omg” because duh, really, who didn’t see that coming.  The script – for the most part – is full of great lines and the two leads play wonderfully off of one another.  There are a couple plot hiccups around, and the beginning part with the flash mobbery kinda made me angry, but I ate some food and calmed down.  Also, Emma Stone and Patricia Clarkson are in it!

While I appreciate them going for an R-rating on a movie called Friends with Benefits, it still didn’t have as much guts as Love & Other Drugs and I’m not just saying that because of how much Anne Hathaway’s tits were on display in that movie.  I need to write these things more like I’m going to be published in a family newspaper.  Hey, give FWB a watch or something.  You can print that on a poster.

4 / 5

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