Our Idiot Brother (2011)

Any long-time readers of mine will know that I have an unabashed man-love-crush on Paul Rudd.  He just seems like a helluva guy all around, funny, intelligent, able to grow a mean beard, and the ladies love his cute looks.  He’s got it all going on.  I will actually pay money to see him in movies and rarely am I ever disappointed with the flicks he chooses to be in.  However, since he’s just such an awesome dude, he tends to do favours and small cameo performances for friends that he should be far above and really if you don’t like Paul Rudd, you have to ask yourself what in the hell is the matter with you?

I had fully intended on seeing the unfortunately-titled Our Idiot Brother back when it came out in August, but moving to a small city, I have found that not all the movies come to the local theatre.  MUCH TO MY CHAGRIN I might add.  Rudd stars as Ned, a charming and somewhat naive dude.  Pretty much like The Dude’s most laidback cousin.  The story is basically about how he is the black sheep of his family, and how his release from prison has affected them all.  His three gorgeous sisters are Miranda (Elizabeth Banks), a writer for Vanity Fair, Natalie (Zooey Deschanel) a lesbian struggling stand-up comic, and Liz (Emily Mortimer) housewife to documentary filmmaker Dylan (Steve Coogan).

Look at how much amazing talent is in that cast.  You probably know where it goes from there (he fixes the cable?), and really, it’s one of the more Big Lebowski-esque movies to come along in a long time, but not in a film noir sense.  And also on a much more independent film level.

It’s not a perfect movie, and it’s not even a side-splittingly funny movie either.  It’s a touching movie, a cheesy movie, a pothead comedy, it’s altogether enjoyable.  When I look back on all the 2011 movies I’ve seen, this one might slip into the Top Five just because of how much I enjoyed it, while also acknowledging its flaws.  YOU SHOULD LOVE IT THOUGH.

4 / 5


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