Hot Coffee (2011)

Just so you know right off the bat, this movie has nothing to do with the “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” “Hot Coffee” mod (though I’m sure there’s a documentary idea about the video game industry in there somewhere).  It’s about that other infamous legal case that I’m sure you and everyone has heard of before.  You know, the elderly lady that spilled a cup of McDonald’s coffee all over herself and was burned because it was hot coffee and sued McD’s and was awarded what everyone thought was a ridiculous amount of money.  It’s also about tort reforms in the American justice system and other things that sound boring to talk about, but when you watch a biased documentary on the subject you get righteously livid about.

Hot Coffee is definitely a biased doc in the grand Michael Moore tradition, but it spends almost no time at all with the director of the film, Susan Saladoff, being visible or even heard.  Yes, it is a movie with an agenda, but when you watch it and you hear about the agenda, you wonder how anyone could be so heartless and dead inside to consider being on the other side of the issue.  I knew almost nothing about the subject matter of the film, and after hearing about the cases of regular people and how supremely screwed over they were by the justice system and big businesses, well I wonder how Canada hasn’t welcomed more people into our borders in the past decade or so.

The film backs up the stories with numerous conversations with experts in law, and even celebrity law guy John Grisham.  I don’t want to bore you with all the details of the trials and injustices, just to let you know that if you see it on your HBO schedule, sit down and watch because the only way people can change things is to know what is going on.  That’s one to grow on.

4 / 5


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