Powder Blue (2009)

I remember the first time I watched Crash (the Oscar-winning one, not the accident-porn one), and I gave it a good rating because at the time I was in a happy place in my life, rose-coloured glasses and all that shit.  Sorry, Powder Blue, but I’m in a shitty place in my life right now (or at least as of this writing), so take the wrath of my scorn.

Every indication I had while watching the movie, was that this movie was supposed to be generating Oscar-nomination-heat or something.  Like they could capture lightning in a bottle again, fool audiences into thinking that all these random people running into one another and being linked somehow is a guaranteed award winner.  I’m sorry, but no.  You see, to audiences, every movie is a bunch of random people connected because we don’t know them and I’m already tired about talking about this movie.

There are good parts, and there’s a lot of pretentiously orchestrated parts that seem fabricated just for those Oscar montage moments.  Jessica Biel is a stripper, and that’s a major selling point for me because duh, Jessica Biel?  COME ON.  Straight girls want to see her naked.  That’s pretty much why I watched the movie.  Let’s see, Ray Liotta is in it, Forest Whitaker, Kris Kristofferson for about five seconds, Lisa Kudrow is for a bit, and it is also noteworthy for being the final performance in Patrick Swayze’s career.

It’s not a good movie.  I don’t recommend it, in fact, just Google Image Search “Jessica Biel Powder Blue” and you’ll enjoy yourself more.  Safe search off.

1 / 5



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