The Smurfs (2011)

After watching The Smurfs, I was not at all shocked to find out that two of the writers also wrote Zookeeper, and the other couple were writers on some of the Shrek movies.  Now, since this is my blog and all, let me tell you all why Pixar movies – aside from the Cars movies – are all timeless classics: because they don’t make flash-in-the-pan pop culture references that are funny for five minutes after the film is over and then when you watch it 10 years later you don’t even crack a grin.

I could sit down and write an essay about all that is wrong with The Smurfs but that’s all negated by the fact that I wasn’t going to spend $10 to go see it no matter who was in it because I don’t have children (or as I’ve heard them termed before, parasites).  This movie was not made with my terribly depressing demographic in mind (early 30s single childless male in case you were wondering).  However, I’d be surprised if kids nowadays even knew what a Smurf was to begin with, let alone why they should be excited about seeing a movie about tiny blue dudes and one girl.  Can you imagine the questions they’d ask?

Thankfully, Patrick Winslow (Neil Patrick Harris) asks many of those questions to the Smurfs and to my never-ending frustration, they don’t give him any answers!  Let me boil the plot of the movie down for you: it’s Enchanted minus the fun.  There’s a number of talented comedic actors and actresses in the movie, and George Lopez too.  I can’t go full zero for the movie, as it wasn’t altogether a disaster.  There’s some fun self-referential meta Smurfs humour in the script, some decent performances and animation, and the new Narrator Smurf (Tom Kane) makes it a little bearable.

Shockingly, I enjoyed it more than Cars 2 and that is so depressing to have happen.

1.5 / 5


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