Page One: Inside the New York Times (2011)

Now that I’ve moved to a city with a population under 50, 000, I’ve become quite aware of all the things and luxuries that I took for granted on a daily basis when I lived in Calgary.  One of those things is probably a daily newspaper, though even when I still lived in Calgary, I wasn’t reading either of the two dailies on a daily basis.  Honestly, pretty much every bit of news I get these days is online.  Sites that I used to think had their collectives fingers on the pulses of the world, well now they’re covering things a day or two after I’ve read about it or been linked to an article on Twitter.  Hell, 98% of the promotion of this blog is from my Twitter, and if you’ve come across this article right now from somewhere other than Twitter, let me know so I can attempt to capitalize on that.

Anyways, my way of padding this write-up is that above paragraph that gives you a glimpse into my personal life while tenuously connecting it with the movie I’ve just watched.  Now I’m going to tell you what the movie was about.  Actually, the title pretty much describes it 100% accurately, putting it in the same pantheon as Snakes on a Plane.  The documentary was shot over a period of time in 2010 when much of the journalism industry was suffering from declining profits and institutions like The New York Times were finding ways to justify their own existence in such a media aware time period.

In a way, the doc feels almost Aaron Sorkin-esque, where key players at The Times offer sermons about how integral they are in the fabric of the world today and other such lofty claims.  There are also some fortunately timed news events during the filming, such as Julian Assange’s creation of Wikileaks, the iPad release and bankruptcy of the Tribune Company.  I found it to be thought-provoking, interesting, fast-paced and well-made.  That is the end of my review.

4 / 5


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