Flypaper (2011)

I went into this movie not knowing a damn thing about it, just who the cast members were and after watching it, I don’t really feel like I gained or lost anything at all in the process.  At times it appears to try too hard to be clever and quirky, and other times it’s just rote clichés about bank robbery movies.  This is actually one of those rare movies where I don’t have much to say about it, which means SPOILER ALERT (but not really) I think it’s just an average movie.

There’s nothing about it that fills me with rage, nothing that bored me or offended me, nothing to write about.  It’s about a bank robbery that all the tagged actors (and more) are involved in.  It’s a comedy.  Jeffrey Tambor is in it, and if I had to suggest a movie that is a spiritual cousin to it, a movie Tambor acted in previously, Operation: Endgame, would be the one that I mentioned.  That last sentence was terribly awkward.  I’m sorry.

2.5 / 5

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