All Good Things (2010)

Some of these recent “biopics” or “based on true events” movies that have come out recently bother me with their disingenuous approach.  The first such incident occurred after I watched The Fourth Kind and then researched it only to discover LIES LIES LIES.  There have probably been others in the ensuing time period between then and now, as I just watched All Good Things which is sorta kinda based on Robert Durst, and if you haven’t heard of him, join the club or just Wiki him.  This isn’t a character assassination piece on par with Citizen Kane, but it’s a fairly decent movie.

Ryan Gosling stars as David Marks, heir to a powerful New York City real estate mogul (Frank Langella), and Gosling acts pretty much like he has in almost every touchy-feely-romantic movie he’s made since The Notebook, which is to say, a little tortured.  Except in this movie he seems to have a little Jared Leto to him, which sounds like the title of a Fall Out Boy song and I’m sorry, okay?  Kirsten Dunst co-stars as Katie Marks, the woman David meets, marries and possibly murders.  It’s hard to say, and the movie doesn’t really answer that, just presents the recalled events of David’s testimony twenty years after Katie’s disappearance.

The movie lets you make up your own mind about what really happened, while also strongly nudging you in the direction of the possible culprit.  There are some decent performances in here, and let me warn you that Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson from “Parks and Recreation”) is in the movie so that when you first see him without a mustache you don’t curl into a ball and weep and eagerly await his next appearance on your screen.  That’s just distracting.

3.5 / 5


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