Frost/Nixon (2008)

It’s a testament to the acting quality inherent in Frost/Nixon that a movie essentially about a series of interviews has the feel of a high stakes, big money boxing match and is gripping and entertaining.  As with most historical events, I only had the gist of the circumstances surrounding President Richard Nixon’s resigning from office.  Well, by the gist I mean decades of jokes about Watergate and the demonization of Nixon’s time in office in numerous pop culture mediums.  So I went into Frost/Nixon with an understanding of the subject matter, but no background knowledge.

Now yesterday I wrote about Enter the Void (Editor’s note: that review is upcoming) and how long the two and a half hour running time of that movie actually felt.  Frost/Nixon clocks in at two hours and I swear it was only an hour long.  I wanted more, but I was also completely satisfied with everything about the movie.  I may never watch it again, but the acting performances alone make it enough for me to recommend to anyone.  Michael Sheen adds yet another impersonation to his cinematic arsenal by reprising his stage performance of David Frost, and Frank Langella, well that guy has enough acting chops that he shouldn’t be in shit like The Box.

Ron Howard skillfully adapts the play to the screen and it’s of the highest quality, that’s pretty much all you need to know.  Recommended for everyone, because it’s not just a political or history lesson, it’s also a pretty interesting story about the only human being to ever resign as President of the United States of America.

5 / 5

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