I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (2009)

Okay, so if we’re all in agreement that Tucker Max is an asshole, why the fuck are you women sleeping with him, and you douchebags drinking with him, hanging out with him, buying his book(s)?  There’s a point in the movie where Max (Matt Czuchry) reaches the point of no return when it comes to his selfish ways, and then there’s the ending where for some reason he is redeemed in the eyes of his friends.  These scenes seem to take place in two different universes, because there’s no fucking way any rational human being would forgive Max for all his stupid atrocities.

All those things being said, I can’t give it a zero, because Czuchry played the part to perfection.  He was the perfect asshole.  There’s also a nice little side story about the recently broken-hearted Drew (Jesse Bradford) and the stripper he meets, Lara (Marika Dominczyk), that is quite touching and may be the only redeemable point of this movie.

It’s not a good movie, not at all.  However, it is enthusiastically directed by Bob Gosse who understands the asshole appeal of the source material and well, chicks dig assholes so.. it’s romantic then?  I don’t fucking know.

1.5 / 5

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