Accepted (2006)

This was another one of those movies that I’ve wanted to see for awhile, but constantly put off because I mean it just doesn’t look great.  And I was right, but just missing out on greatness means it can still be good and that is how I felt about it.  Directed by frequent John Cusack collaborator Steve Pink (he also directed – what I thought – was the amazingly hilarious Hot Tub Time Machine), Accepted stars Justin Long as Bartleby Gaines, a dude who has disappointed his parents by not getting accepted into any college.  Therefore his life is ruined forever.

Instead of accepting (I can do this all day) the ruined life fate, he enlists his pal Sherman Schrader (Jonah Hill) to create a fictional college to get  Bartleby’s parents off his back.  Sherman creates a website extolling the virtues of this fictional college and puts a button on there that says “Acceptance is just a click away!” and a couple hundred other “real college” rejects apply and pay tuition and then Bartleby has to either fess up or keep playing along.  The movie is 92 minutes long, so you know he doesn’t fess up.

I know I shit on Your Highness for being an unscripted, improvised mess, but apparently numerous scenes throughout Accepted weren’t scripted and were thought up by the cast on the days of shooting and it works.  Perhaps that’s the professionalism of Steve Pink showing through, or a great editor, but it works.  The lovely and talented and why the hell won’t someone in Hollywood recognise how fucking awesome she is Diora Baird has a bit part in this, and I always get excited for celebrities that have @replied me on Twitter.  A pre-superstar Blake Lively also appears, and for most of the movie Jonah Hill looks like the world’s fattest lesbian.

It’s an entertaining diversion, it doesn’t try too hard to be something it’s not, and it was reasonably budgeted.  I enjoyed it, and I’ll give it a passing grade and I’d like to go as high as 3.5, but it’s a solid 3 pushing for 3.5.

3 / 5


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