Something Borrowed (2011)

There were so many levels of frustration going on with me while watching Something Borrowed.  At first I really wanted to hate it, then I kinda fell for some of the characters while actively hating others.  Then there were plot twists and switches and it was maddening!  Definitely not what I was expecting of this movie, having never read the novel by Emily Giffin upon which it was adapted.

Let me set the record straight right off the bat: it’s not a great movie, hell most people don’t think it’s a good movie.  I’m in the very small minority there, and I put my own credibility as a somewhat reliable film critic on the line with that.  I like it, but that liking it comes with greatly identifying with the story and one of the characters in particular.  Even though I think my own belief in romance is dead, I still believe in hopeless romance and, well anything else I say on the subject is going to be a spoiler, so that’ll be the last paragraph.

I found the acting to be fairly above the standard of which I’m accustomed to getting in a romantic comedy.  John Krasinski and Ginnifer Goodwin were quite good in my books, while Kate Hudson played her role perfectly, because she kinda made you hate her, and (I think) that’s what they were going for.  Same thing with the rest of the supporting cast, they all played their roles great, which doesn’t necessarily mean it was great acting, but they did what was required of their characters.

SPOILER ALERTS I haven’t read the book, so I’m not sure if the movie was a departure from it, but I strongly doubt it.  The ending was a major cop out, and had no balls whatsoever.  Goodwin’s character got together with Colin Egglesfield’s character who was cheating on Hudson’s character, and Hudson and Goodwin were childhood friends and earlier Krasinski’s character professed his love for Goodwin and so on and it was stupid.  I hated Egglesfield through the entire movie, because he cheated on his fiance, never mind that it was with Goodwin who he really loved, but because he didn’t break up with Hudson when he realised how he felt, and there are reasons for that but whatever.  It was so frustrating to me, and Krasinki’s character deserved a better fate than the one he ended up with, but he’s such a good guy he’d never complain.

3.5 / 5


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