[●REC] (2007)

No matter your feelings on The Blair Witch Project, I think the world owes more to it than ever.  If it was never made or bombed horribly, we’d never have had big studios creating things like Cloverfield, or other various “found footage” films.  The guerrilla filmmaking that goes into those projects often bring out startlingly real performances from their actors, not to mention that their actors are usually not “name” actors because that would be distracting.  It’s created a genre that you either love or vehemently hate, and lucky for me, I am a big fan of it.

I did watch the American remake of REC a couple years back, and while I did enjoy Quarantine, I’m not the biggest fan of Jennifer Carpenter on “Dexter”, let alone an hour and a half of practically just her in shaky cam.  Thankfully, the original has the gorgeous Manuela Velasco in pigtails and a wife beater and that’s just top notch entertainment in my books.  She could be telling me I have 90 minutes to live and I’d just happily nod.  That also could have been an alternate title of the movie, “90 Minutes to Live”.

I’m going to say that REC is a better movie than Quarantine, but if you haven’t seen either, watch the latter first.  Unless you understand Spanish, then by all means, watch REC.  It’s just distracting reading the subtitles and kind of takes you out of the atmosphere, but since Quarantine is pretty much a shot-by-shot remake, I wasn’t missing anything.  Great movie.

4 / 5


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