Attack the Block (2011)

I was a big fan of District 9 when it came out, not just for its alien invasion story but the human/alien/landed immigrant rights issues it also broached.  It was sci-fi that was accessible and interesting and smart, not just to the nerd audience.  Attack the Block is just alien invasion and fighting them frightening freaks off.  It’s a British film, takes place over the course of one night, hell there isn’t even daylight in it.  And the setting barely changes, just centred around one apartment block for the most part.  And it’s very good.

Written and directed by Joe Cornish (who has never directed a feature film before and that blows me away), ATB is at times funny, intelligent, action-packed, and scary as hell.  The alien lifeforms that start invading are terrifying, black as night creations, whose only other distinguishing physical characteristic are glow in the dark teeth.  And yes, I know how silly that sounds, but seriously.

Yes.  Terrifying.  It’s not a revolutionary take on the genre, but it’s skillfully made, entertaining and also has Nick Frost and the gorgeous Jodie Whittaker in it.  This is one of those rare movies that I wanted more to it, just to flesh out a bit more of the story, but highly recommended nonetheless.

4 / 5

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2 Responses to Attack the Block (2011)

  1. Matthew says:

    Cool. I considered checking this out not too long ago but I waffled for reasons that are boring and complicated (™Roger Ebert). Seems I should have added it to my queue though.

  2. SkoochXC says:

    You’ll probably understand the characters better than I did. They were speaking English.

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