Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

After watching all the previous Marvel Cinematic Universe film (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, and Thor), I was looking forward to Captain America and next summer’s The Avengers with great anticipation.  Especially The Avengers, because as both a comic geek and a Joss Whedon fan, I was going to see if the total package would come to a satisfying conclusion under a writer/director whom I had the highest respect for.  The fact that I’m more of a DC Comics fan than a Marvel Comics fan doesn’t even enter into it, because first and foremost, I’m a great movies fan.

And under director Joe Johnston, Captain America is a great movie.  Johnston had a previous olden times superhero movie under his belt, and despite last year’s exceedingly boring The Wolfman, he was a good choice for an action blockbuster film.  The important thing with a character like Cap, was casting perfectly, and I gotta say, Chris Evans certainly fits the bill.  He’s physically built for the part, but he also has the charm and humility (as evidenced in last year’s excellent Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) to pull off a character of Cap’s stature.

However, without a great villain to face off against, comic book movies often come up lacklustre and leave you wanting more, but not in that good way.  Thankfully, Cap’s nemesis The Red Skull is played by the tremendous Hugo Weaving, no stranger to comic book movies himself (V for Vendetta would have been lesser without him in the titular role).  There’s a deep list of character actors in the supporting cast, most notably the talented Stanley Tucci and the leathery Tommy Lee Jones.

The action scenes are amazing, the effects excellent, the attention to detail, the fanboy pandering, it’s all top notch and a great ride, even for those unfamiliar with the Captain America character.  However, the movie made the mistake (SPOILER ALERT) most comic book movies make in killing the villain, rather than bringing them to justice.  Although, there’s a possibility that Skull will be back, you never know.

4.5 / 5

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