We’re the Weakerthans, We’re from Winnipeg (2010)

Going into this write-up I am going to state that I am heavily biased.  The Weakerthans replaced The Watchmen as my favourite Winnipeg band long ago (The Guess Who suck, and the new Jets will be lousy too) and since that point, I’ve gobbled up every bit of Weakerthans material that I could.  Except for, you know, live concerts because real people ew.  So I saw this concert documentary film on the Telus On Demand and since it’s a Canadian film, it seems to not exist on torrent sites.  But you know, I have no problem spending $5 on something that I know is going to be awesome going in.

The film takes place during a cross-country tour, from St. John’s to Yellowknife, which is a massive undertaking because – despite what some WWE DVDs will tell you – Canada is huge.  Vast.  There’s pretty much a song for every venue (to my knowledge, but I think they skipped out on Edmonton because of course why not), and then some wonderful backstage or before/after the show banter with the band members.  Some wonderful scenery shots, interspersed with on the road activities and campfires and it’s very Canadian and just excellent.  One of the band members also shares an awesome campfire treat, the bacon marshmallow which looks like an awesome heart attack and really makes me want to try it.

I have made a vow to Andy the Saint, that should The Weakerthans ever come back to Vancouver Island, I will make every attempt to see them live.  The lead singer/writer John K. Samson just makes everything on stage look so easy and is infinitely mellow and I cannot recommend this movie highly enough.  If you’ve never heard their music, this film should make you a fan.

5 / 5

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