Stop-Loss (2008)

War.  War never changes.  Those are the first lines in almost every “Fallout” game (to my knowledge), and they’re spoken by Ron Perlman.  Stop-Loss actually presents us with the whatever after 2001 war was called, and how things have actually changed.  Iraq War, Afghanistan, whatever.  Being a Canadian citizen, I had much different opinions on the whole thing, more along the lines of the Dixie Chicks than Toby fucking Keith.

Anyways, this is well-trod territory, and who cares what my two cents are.  This is actually quite a good movie, unfortunately falling prey to the consensus that any movie that criticizes That War is an Unamerican film and it’s helping the terrorists win and whatever bullshit else they want to say.  Ryan Phillipe more than holds his own as a soldier that just wants what his government promised him, out.  It’s very well-acted, though I may have to avoid any further Channing Tatum movies in the future, because he just reminds me too damn much of John Cena.

Highly recommended by me, and I’m sure in the future, we’re going to see more movies about the injustices that took place during that time period.  Mostly thanks to the relative success of The Hurt Locker, but Stop-Loss came first, and it deserved better than the box office failure it was deemed.

4 / 5

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