American Breakdown (2008)

Trying to locate information on this movie was like trying to find the Loch Ness Monster.  It turns out it actually was released as Stories USA the year previous.  For some reason it is new to DVD this year, probably after coming to some sort of agreement with the principal name actors involved that it would not be marketed at all, ever.  It is comprised of six short films that were made from 2001 to 2006 by different directors, all starring different sets of actors, all having no interaction with the previous installment.  It is like Four Rooms if the rooms were all in different parts of the world with different languages being spoken, that’s how different all the stories are.

Look at that poster and think wow, those are some .. okay, there’s at least two good actors there, one passable, one alright in Fast & Furious movies and one vapid husk of of skin.  And if you look at the rest of the tags, you’ll see that there are some other name actors and character players and oh god it was so fucking bad.  To me it looked like the worst part about being famous was that you’d have shitty, talentless friends that ask you to help out with a movie and then ten years down the line you’d see it and go “OH fuck, how can I bury this?”

The only reason this has half a star for its rating is that the Steve Carell / Ian Gomez / Eric Stonestreet / dodge ball bit was kinda entertaining and decently made.  The rest are like film school final projects.  I have a perverse desire to find out more about this movie just to see how all these actors were roped into it.  Do not waste your time with it.  The only reason I can fathom it being released on DVD now is because pretty much everyone on that DVD cover is a marketable name.

0.5 / 5


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