Horrible Bosses (2011)

Going over the history of the pre-production and casting of this movie, there are numerous missteps that could have been made at multiple points that would have actually affected the badass awesomeness of this flick.  When you’re dealing with an ensemble cast, chemistry is of the utmost importance otherwise you just get something that resembles shiny shit like Valentine’s Day.  Jason Bateman – in my books – is a marketable guy for legitimizing a comedic film.  If he’s in it, I’m gonna give it a shot.  Hell I’d pay money to see Bateman co-star with Paul Rudd in a movie where they work in a diner and shoot the shit with the regulars, like Clerks 2 but funny (also, I think I just trademarked or copyrighted that idea).

Ashton Kutcher, Tom Cruise, Owen Wilson and numerous other actors were at one point attached to star in the movie.  Brett Ratner was supposed to direct it.  Thankfully, none of those things happened and instead we get a near perfect black comedy directed by King of Kong‘s Seth Gordon, with an awesome ensemble cast that knew their roles and were more concerned with the project actually being fucking funny.  Why else would Colin Farrell suggest that his character have a horrible comb-over, a pot belly and a fondness for Chinese dragons?  No ego on this film, and if there was, I saw no evidence of it.  Hell, Jamie Foxx was likable in it, as a character named Dean “Motherfucker” Jones and the origin story behind his nickname is just worth the price of admission on its own.

I actually started writing this up with the rating of 4 in my mind for the film, because y’know that’s very good for the genre of movie it is, but the more I’ve written about it and thought about it, well I loved it.  It’s a fucking great movie, one that I will look forward to watching again in the future.

5 / 5

And that’s my rating, but I’m also reading up on the movie and how some reviewers feel there’s homophobia and misogynistic tendencies throughout the movie and it blows my fucking mind.  Really?  I saw none of that, which clearly must mean I’m homophobic and misogynistic as well.  Fuck that noise.  These are reviewers that can’t seem to admit when they’re having a good time, like enjoying a Jackass movie is a crime against film.  I used to be a film snob like that, and I hate old pretentious me.  Fucking uptight twats!


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3 Responses to Horrible Bosses (2011)

  1. Matthew says:

    So, have you ever seen or heard of the Cinema Snob? It’s a web series about this character who is basically a send-up of all the snobbiest film critics rolled into one. I believe the creator was inspired by an old episode of At the Movies where Ebert reviewed one of the later Friday the 13th sequels, Part 6 or something, and went off on the movie like it was the worst atrocity known to man (along with a number of other outlandish and ridiculous proclamations “If you call this a ‘movie’ you can’t call Citizen Kane a ‘movie’ anymore!”). I myself recall that particular episode from my younger days and remember thinking “This movie wasn’t made for you, Roger.”

    Anyway, I wouldn’t suggest the entire series of Cinema Snob videos to you, since he mostly does exploitation and sleaze b-movies, But I’d say at least check out this one particular episode, since it hammers home quite well what you’re talking about with critics being uptight douchenozzles, in this instance criticizing a horror movie for being too scary!


  2. SkoochXC says:

    I can’t say as I have heard of him, but I will check it out in the future. Too much Arkham City right now.

  3. Emmanuel says:

    That’s funny. I’m gay and not at all a “pretentious movie snob” but I still caught a whiff of the homophobia everyone’s been talking about. Don’t turn a blind eye on these things. ( There was a little bit of racism and misogyny on the side too.)

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