Meek’s Cutoff (2011)

Finally, someone adapted Oregon Trail to the big screen!  I mean hell, if Battleship is going to have a movie “adapted” from it, I’d say everything is fair game.  Pong: The Pongening in theatres 2015!  Checkers: The Revenge.  Paper, Rock, Scissors 3D: The Motion Picture event of 2013.  This write-up is featuring more unnecessary snark that most entries because I have very little to say about the movie.

The beginning 20 minutes to half an hour moves almost glacially slow, and then they pick up an Indian (Rod Rondeaux) and the tension sorta picks up.  It’s a great cast, though for the most part they just seem to be part of the scenery.  However, Bruce Greenwood is virtually unrecognizable in his role as Stephen Meek and that’s pretty amazing.  For a movie about an historical event, there’s very little background and follow-up provided.  If you played Oregon Trail though, you kinda know how it’s going to end.

You have died fording the river/of dysentry/etc.  Decent movie, but most people won’t be into it.

3 / 5


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