Red Hill (2010)

That whole “movie poster looks nothing like the movie” thing applies here.  I thought it was a western!  It’s not!  It definitely has a western feel to it, but it takes place in modern day Australia (which might as well be the Old West ZING!) so sorry if you got your hopes up there.  It stars some guy named Ryan Kwanten who is apparently on that vampire porno TV series “True Blood”.  Kwanten arrives in the titular town as a new constable, as he requested a transfer from the big city so his wife (the awesomely named Claire van der Boom) would not have as high a blood pressure during her pregnancy.  And on his first day, all hell breaks loose.

Some prison nearby the town had one of their prisoners escape, and the prisoner, Jimmy Conway (Tom E. Lewis), has ties to the town of Red Hill and the law officers in it.  So everyone battens down the hatches and prepares for Conway’s imminent arrival.  Yes, there is a plot twist that you can smell a mile away, but the journey to that twist is what makes the movie good.  It’s got some well-executed action scenes, sets a tense and threatening mood and looks fairly gorgeous.

It’s not the greatest Australian movie ever (Young Einstein might be, I’m not sure), but I enjoyed it and recommend it.

3.5 / 5

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