Pootie Tang (2001)

Right off the bat, I’ve got mixed feelings about Pootie Tang.  Yes, it is a very divisive movie, as those that love it love it for how subversive and full of satire it is, and those that hate, well they gonna hate AMIRITE INTERNET?  Much like when I first saw I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, I know immediately that it is a form of parody, but I don’t specifically know the genre that it is skewing.  Basically what I’m tip-toeing around saying is that I don’t know black culture, okay.  Word.

Apparently Louis C.K. wrote and directed this movie, though he was removed from the editing room and had no say in the final cut, which makes me wonder why it’s not an Alan Smithee film instead.  C.K. has expressed distaste for the finished product, but if he had little to do with it, why didn’t he get his name off of it?  He wasn’t huge in 2001, could have easily done better without it on his resume, unless he was just owning his “mistake”.

Anyways, I think I get the movie, and I can definitely see how it could have a cult following and that people do see humourous things in it.  I smiled a couple times, never outright laughing, and I enjoyed the cameos from all the stand up comics in the movie.  They definitely seemed to have fun with the movie.  However, I’m not surprised that the star of the movie, Lance Crouther, has virtually stopped acting in movies since and stuck to writing.

3 / 5


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