Red State (2011)

I just watched Red State and I’m trying to muddle through exactly how I feel about the film, and I’m finding myself conflicted by how I feel about Kevin Smith.  Maybe conflicted isn’t the right word.  Maybe disappointed is.  I think he may actually be regressing as a filmmaker, or just has lost touch or something.  Perhaps there’s such a thing as TOO MUCH social media interactivity.  I don’t know, I don’t want to be a “hater” or whatever.  Chasing Amy is still one of my all time favourite movies, and my growing discontent with Smith has been bubbling since, I dunno, probably Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.  I had to unfollow him on Twitter because dude, just stop, yes you’re verbose, you love semantics, etc. just shut up.  Hell, I want to cut this short because it could just turn into bullet points of “I am disappoint”.  Dude was one of my favourite writers and directors, he made me interested in learning more about film and kinda made me think anyone could do it.  And he keeps doing it.

I don’t want to see another View Askewniverse movie.  I want to see Kevin Smith succeed, despite his own excess of personality.  I don’t need to see Jay or Silent Bob doing the same thing over and over again until they’re both pushing 50.  I want to see Smith grow as a filmmaker, I really do.  Cop Out was a slightly charming mess (still trying to figure out how I came to own it), but Red State, man, I was turned off of seeing it by Smith’s screening commentary on Twitter (sample paraphrased Tweet: “Oh I’m not spoiling anything but cats in the audience just reacted huge to that reveal about 56 minutes in”).  Yeah, Kevin, it is “nasty-ass”.  Congratulations, you had me worried you were treading into Hostel territory, thinking you had finally just given up or something and wanted to combine your love of porn with torture.

It is a grim fucking movie.  I’m trying to find something positive to say about it, but… it’s a complete departure from your typical Kevin Smith movie.  However, thanks to Kevin Smith talking incessantly about it, pretty much most of the intrigue about the movie is ruined for those that pay attention to Kevin Smith, and for the mainstream audience, it’s not that accessible either because as we’ve all learned, the mainstream audience isn’t interested in Kevin Smith movies.  Visually, it’s nothing that has ever been seen in one of his movies, and there are some good performances in it, just in regrettable roles.

I post these write-ups on the Internet, and I’m kinda terrified that this one is actually going to be noticed.  Feel free to attack my writing and such, I just don’t put a lot into these write-ups usually, and this one got away from me a bit.

2 / 5


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2 Responses to Red State (2011)

  1. Matthew says:

    “I post these write-ups on the Internet, and I’m kinda terrified that this one is actually going to be noticed.”

    I have a feeling you included that because you’re concerned one of Smith’s loyal trolls will show up here and start some shit or that perhaps Smith himself will show up here, since he’s that verbose dude who knows how to use the internet and is inclined to do such douchebaggy things like respond angrily to negative criticisms with foolproof humdingers like: “Oh yeah, well how many movies have YOU made, mofo?” In case you ever do read this, Kevin – Hello! Just want you to know that I really would rather watch Navy Seals than see Clerks 2 again.

    This is why Kevin Smith sucks now.


    Sadly, he has an army of assclowns who will follow him to the gates of Hell, so he’ll stay in business making subpar movies while his fans blow smoke up his ass for a long time to come. By my count he’s got three good flicks (Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Dogma) and a bunch of overrated drek.

    • SkoochXC says:

      That’s pretty much exactly why I included that, yes. Especially since I hash tag it on Twitter and do my best to whore it out when I can. I suppose I could check the site stats and see if I had any considerable extra traffic for it, but it was posted on a Saturday so I’m doubtful. I’m secretly hoping that it’ll end up being linked to on the View Askew message board and that the army of assclowns will comment on it.

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