The Fountain (2006)

I just.. I don’t know.  I like most of Darren Aronofsky’s stuff, though they don’t really invite a high degree of rewatchability to them (why anyone would choose to watch Requiem For a Dream more than once is beyond me, and The Wrestler is even more depressing when you know what’s going to happen, great movies both though).  I had resisted watching The Fountain for awhile because, I dunno, it just didn’t .. grab me, I guess.

After watching it, I wish I would have resisted an eternity.  There are some great actors, some stunning set pieces and visuals, but it all just feels like a hipster’s wet dream.  It makes me want to do the dismissive wank gesture over and over again.  Besides being near impossible to figure out what the hell was going on (much like Primer), it wasn’t interesting at all (completely opposite of Primer).  The worst part is that I did not care what was going to happen next, and when you make a movie that almost depends on rewatching it to understand exactly what was going on, caring about the story, characters, etc. is pretty much paramount.

I understand Aronofsky’s passion for the project, I just wish it would have turned out a bit better.

1.5 / 5


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