POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (2011)

Marketing, advertising, product placement is everywhere.  I’m even guilty of it.  Look at the tags on this entry.  All of those names appeared in some form in Morgan Spurlock’s documentary.  Some of them a fleeting 45-second interview, OK Go did the theme song.  I tag the ones that I think people will be searching for and hope that they come across this write-up and then continue to come back.  Occasionally Rarely, when I post the review link on my Twitter account (link to the right —-> somewhere over there), my Tweet will be ReTweeted by someone involved with the film or they (or one of their bots) will follow me back.  For me, that’s kinda cool, it’s a measure of some degree of success.  I don’t know how often the actual entries are clicked on (though thanks to WordPress, I have the ability to check that out), but it’s a start at least.

(Actually, I just took a look, and the write-up that I last recall being RT’d was Best Worst Movie.  That was RT’d by one of the producers of the movie I believe, which means that everyone on that person’s Twitter feed may have seen the link to my article.  Now if they’re following the producer, chances are good that they’d be interested in the write-up for a not-so big documentary of a cult horror film.  Well I had nine views.  The day before – with no RTing mind you – I had 10 views for Is Anybody There?  The day after, X-Men: First Class came out on DVD/Blu-Ray, my review was posted and I had 30 views.  NOBODY CARES but I find it fascinating.)

Anyways, this is Spurlock’s (of Super-Size Me fame) documentary about advertising and product placement in movies and how he wants the entire movie to be funded by corporate entities and the process behind that.  I found it quite entertaining, as Spurlock is a very energetic and likable host.  The issues he explores are fascinating, as I’ve had an interest in this area for years, going back to when I read “No Logo” by Naomi Klein.  If you don’t like Spurlock, well you won’t like the movie and what’s the matter with you.

4 / 5


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