Search Engine Stats Fun!

Every once in awhile, I’m going to post these for hilarity’s sake!  From 9/15 to today (the number behind is how many times it resulted in visits):

natalie portman nude 6
adrian grenier 6
natalie portman tits 3
sean bean 2
your highness breasts 2
natalie portman shows ass and tits 2
natalie portman naked tits 2
your highness natalie portman 2
natalie portman ass 1
natalie portman shit 1
fucking hollywood actress nude ass 1
natalie portmans tits 1
natalie portman butt 1
assassination of high scholl president song prom 1 (YAY a Band of Horses fan!)
vin diesel drunk driving 1
zooey deschanel butt 1
julie benz 1
nude movie scenes 1
oliver platt character in the movie martian child 1

And selections from my all time list:

grabbing nude ass 4
natalie portman your heinous 2
child stars then and now nude 2
kevin sorbo wife 1
w 1 (huh?)
hey champ neverest tits girls 1
nude natalie portman fuking 1
tit-girl from fuck-ass the movie 1
picture of blue character in imagenerium movie 1
adrien brody world trade center 1 (he wasn’t even in the movie)

About SkoochXC
Long-time blogger, Canadian, cine-snark-aphile, Tweeter and generally lonely hearted guy.

2 Responses to Search Engine Stats Fun!

  1. I have similar search results,lol..comes with the territory..internet is for porn…

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