Everything Must Go (2011)

Movies like this are good for assuring me that I have not fallen into full-blown alcoholism.  Hurrah!  However, the only reason I don’t have beer in my place now is because I’m broke.  I don’t get the shakes at night, but my insomnia is terrible without the drink.  Anyways, there’s this movie I watched, and Will Ferrell is the star, but it’s not a “Will Ferrell Movie” much like Reign Over Me wasn’t an “Adam Sandler Movie”.  There’s distinction there, and it usually factors in the amount of nonsensical yelling there is.

Fantastic movie, will see again some point.  It’s somewhat heartwarming, but it’s a rough journey to get there.  Ferrell’s wife just left him, and left all his shit on their lawn, oh also, happily, on the same day he lost his job.  And he’s supposed to be a recovering alcoholic but it didn’t stick.  Awesome performances from the entire cast, particularly the young Christopher Jordan Wallace, who – in a “studio” film – would normally be a nauseatingly cute child.

If you go into it expecting to see Ron Burgundy, you’ll probably be disappointed.  Ferrell is a bit of Frank the Tank in it, but not to the party hard point.  Highly recommended.

4.5 / 5


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