Bobby Fischer Against the World (2011)

For some reason, the psychosis behind geniuses fascinates me.  I’m not alone in this fascination, as there are tonnes of books about these people, as well as books profiling serial killers and other subjects.  I have heard that books are the new Internet.  Look into that.  Anyways, if I ramble during a write-up, it’s usually because I don’t have much to say about the film.  That can be taken one of two ways: that it sucks or that it is quite good but I don’t know what to say about it that is noteworthy.

Anyways, if you enjoy crazy geniuses or chess or have heard of Bobby Fischer, you should watch this documentary that goes into great detail about his early life and his amazing 1972 World Chess Championship match.  It’s quite fascinating and riveting.

4 / 5


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