Age of Heroes (2011)

What a lofty title.  Age of Heroes.  Epic.  Ironically, the movie focuses on a a much quieter military operation during the Second World War, an op that James Bond creator Ian Fleming was directly involved in.  I take the stance that the most heroic of events usually takes place on a far less grander scale than say Saving Private Ryan did.  Heroism usually involves sacrifice, and not being stupid and falling down a well or something.

Age of Heroes is more along those lines, with this covert op playing an integral part in WWII, or at least it seemed to have that sort of importance from what I gleaned.  Sean Bean is at his SEAN BEANIEST and tremendous as always.  The action is measured and brutal and effective.  The poster makes it seem far more bombastic than it actually is, but I rate it high.

4 / 5


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