Teenage Paparazzo (2010)

I had resisted watching this movie for so long, mostly because of my preconceived notions of what / who Adrian Grenier was / is / portrayed as.  I have watched probably five minutes of “Entourage” in my entire life, and I was not impressed at all by it.  Why would I devote time to watching a TV show that basically amounted to coming across as douchbaggy as possible?  No interest in that at all.

So when I saw Teenage Paparazzo come out, saw it was directed by Grenier, no matter that the subject matter (a 13-year-old is a paparazzi) seemed somewhat interesting to me, I had no desire to immerse myself in an hour and a half of Grenier.  Much like my resistance to watching the Fast & Furious movies, this was a mistake, as Grenier actually crafted an intriguing doc on many perspectives surrounding the lives of celebrities and the people that make a living off of their images / mistakes.

Yes, the focus of the movie for the most part is on Austin Visschedyk, the titular teenage paparazzo.  Thankfully he’s interesting and goes through his own little life crisis through the movie, watching his own fame kinda explode and then regretting it.  But Grenier also initiates a few social experiments of his own, creating a decent commentary on the celebrity-news-culture that encompasses our world nowadays.  It’s not a world-changing doc for regular people, but for Austin it certainly was.

3.5 / 5

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