Humpday (2009)

If you look at that poster and think it is advertising a wacky movie, you sir or madam will be sorely disappointed.  Possibly annoyed, maybe angry as well.  It all depends on how you feel about a “mumblecore” movie.  The last movie that I can remember watching that was so far away from what the poster seemed to be hinting at was The Freebie, which also would fall into the “mumblecore” genre.  And yes, it is a Real Thing.  Not necessarily a good thing though, depending on your own particular tastes.

It was an alright movie, but ultimately just seemed to be the cinematic equivalent of navel-gazing.  I’d give it a pretentious wank, but the characters were quite interesting, and the tone of the film was definitely focused on realism.  No matter how stupid the premise may be to you (and it is pretty dumb), the situations are handled in a believable fashion, although with a penchant for verbosity.

3 / 5


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