The Young Victoria (2009)

I’ll be honest here, most period pieces or biopics, I really have no interest in.  They might be interesting to some, but they tend to be glacially slow and then highlight only the major events in the period or the person’s life.  You know, the shit we already know about.  The Young Victoria is a bit of a different beast though, because I know very little about the subject matter.  Oh, and Emily Blunt is the lead actress, which immediately gets my attention.

There’s something about Blunt, she just cannot help but make everything she does look sexy.  She’s in period garb, and you just want to tear the bodice open an.. oh yeah the movie.  I was interested in it, not just because of Blunt, but the quality of the filming, the story, the supporting cast, all top notch.  I would be remiss if I did not mention that the film won the Oscar for Best Costume Design and it certainly appeared to deserve it (based on my extremely thin knowledge of the outfits of the time).  It’s a pretty good movie, but most audiences will probably be bored at the pacing, and possibly the subject matter.

Which would seem to beg the question, what the hell did you think it was about?

3 / 5


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