Duplicity (2009)

Director Tony Gilroy previously was behind the helm for Michael Clayton which I really liked.  Duplicity is not in that realm of quality.  It’s something alright, but it twists and turns so much that I have no idea who or what is going on.  It’s like Ocean vs. Ocean or some sort of stupid premised movie like that, but all high brow and shit.  It is well-acted, looks great, high quality aesthetically but the substance falls in on itself and wraps around itself so much that it almost makes Primer look like a connect-the-dots puzzle.

She plays him, he plays her, turns out they knew each other from being played by one another before, they both get jobs as corporate espionage spies with rival companies, and then the movie jumps back and forth, revealing further plays, etc. etc. And I get confused, disinterested, roll over and go to sleep.  Just ask my ex.  DON’T PLAY GAMES WITH ME MISSY.

2.5 / 5


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