Afterwards (2009)

I was about two thirds of the way into Afterwards and had pretty much made up my mind about the movie and was going to start writing it up but now, there is a startling development that makes the movie far more powerful than what I thought it was turning out to be.  MIND BLOWN.  Well, not that far, but for a movie that starts with a graphic car accident and attempts to show the beauty in life afterwards (that was unintentional BUT NOW I GET IT MORE), it’s certainly a solid piece of work/art/film/whatever.

Basically, John Malkovich’s character plays a Messenger, someone that can see when someone is close to dying.  A Messenger’s job is to help ease that person through the process, and in his travels he comes across Romain Duris’ character, a workaholic lawyer with an ex-wife (Evangeline Lilly) and daughter.  And that’s all I’m going to tell you about it, since it is a quality film, though the pacing is a bit slow and it almost lost me for a bit at that two thirds point.  Gorgeously shot though, and not just because of Evangeline Lilly.

3.5 / 5


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