Hanna (2011)

If Colombiana is Black Salt (and if it isn’t, that marketing team should never get another job in the industry), then I’d say the easiest way to categorize Hanna would be along the lines of Little Miss Salt.  Or The Mini-Salt Identity.  In a movie that is about a young girl discovering her own identity, it’s ironic that the film’s identity is constantly being compared to others.  Hopefully, not just by me, but if it’s just me, then I’m a trail blazer.

Saoirse Ronan IS Hanna.  That’s how the movie posters do it, right, without us even having any idea who Hanna is, right?  Anyways, her pop (Eric Bana) is training her in the Arctic at the beginning of the film, and there’s some homing beacon, and he says that when you’re ready, you turn that thing on, she’ll come for you and it won’t end until one of you is dead.  So, Hanna flips the switch and we get an action movie of suspense and running.  Also, Tom Hollander doing his best Gunther from “Friends” physical impersonation.

It’s not terrible, in fact there are a few nice little touch scenes, but it’s nothing revolutionary.  The only real spin it has on the genre is that it is a child, and not Jason Bourne or Veruca Salt or whatever Angelina Jolie’s first name was in that movie.  Bernadette?  I can’t remember.

3.5 / 5


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