Best Worst Movie (2009)

I’m tending to watch a lot of documentaries lately just because, well, sometimes the real human stories are far more interesting and entertaining than any shitty, Hollywood blockbuster.  How ironic then (maybe?) that Best Worst Movie is a documentary about real people and how they’ve dealt with their performances in a shitty, Italian cult film from 20 years ago.

One of my favourite documentaries, nay, movies of all time is the amazing and wonderful and touching King of Kong, which touches on a real life tale of triumph and devastation with perspective and it’s about Donkey Kong.  Best Worst Movie is about Troll 2 – which I have never seen, but might have to now – one of the most critically derided movies of all time.  At one point, it held the #1 ranking on the IMDb Worst Movie List, down (up?) to #79 as of this writing.

The director, Michael Stephenson, actually acted in Troll 2 (oh how I wish I could abbreviate that to T2 without it causing much confusion) and decided to make a documentary about the emerging cult classic fandom that was stirring up around the movie.  I’m not going into great details about the movie (do I ever?), but it is tremendously moving, and features real people that are so genuinely touched by love of their 20-year-old shit by crazy movie fans.

If someone could catch lightning in a bottle for a third time, I would like Steve Wiebe and George Hardy to have a reality show about nothing but Donkey Kong and Troll 2 fandom.

4.5 / 5


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