Eat Pray Love (2010)

Sometimes I start writing a review even before I’m done watching the movie, just because I want it out of my life as fast as possible, and as soon as the film is over and the review is done, I can do just that.  This is one of those reviews, and that’s a shame because other than Julia Roberts, I enjoy and appreciate all the rest of the main actors in the cast.

Apparently director Ryan Murphy created “Nip/Tuck” and “Glee”.  I have never seen a minute of either of those shows.  I have heard good things about N/T, but since those things came from my sister (who I have decidedly different taste than), I have refrained from ever exploring it.  Glee, I have heard far too much about, and have zero interest in it at all.  At.  All.  Do not ever attempt to make me watch it, for I am supremely close-minded about it, and it has nothing to do with it being a musical, because I have a love for certain awesome musicals.  After watching EPL, I no longer have a desire to search out Murphy’s previous film credit, Running With Scissors.

I think having Roberts as the lead was a bad choice, as much like Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez or Gwyneth Paltrow (except in the Iron Man movies), everything they act in will seem rampantly disingenuous.  Sure, I’m judging them for their public lives outside of their jobs, but I don’t care.  Someone like Amy Adams or Diane Lane in the role would have made it far more interesting and approachable to me, but what do I know?  Surely the global box office gross ($200+ million) is an indication of quality, right? /sarcasm

It just bugs me because I just watched Richard Jenkins act fucking circles around Roberts and how much does he get paid for it?  NOT NEARLY ENOUGH.  Fuck, now “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young is playing on the soundtrack and my favourite Neil Young song is ruined forever.  Goddammit, there’s still an hour left.  Let’s see if there is something to redeem it.

I was hoping for a second that Anton Chigurh had actually killed Roberts with his vehicle, but no, it was just Javier Bardem appearing in the movie for the first time OH SPOILER ALERT.  I think I lapsed into a coma while watching this.  There are some redeemable qualities to the movie, but mostly in technical and non-Julia Roberts-related areas.  Hate this movie, and instead of spending almost 2 and a half hours watching it, you could probably feel as healed if you sat in a walk-in medical clinic for the same amount of time with a severed artery in your .. I don’t know, arm, whatever isn’t fatal but makes you wish you were dead anyways.

1 / 5


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