Assassination of a High School President (2009)

When one of the first lines of your film contains the statement “The truth about high school..” and then later on you have a high school nurse (Kathryn Morris) giving a borderline upskirt view to one of the reporters for the school newspaper, there’s a chance your film is bullshit.  When they play Band of Horses’ “The Funeral” (tremendous song that probably six high school students have heard) as a slow song at the prom, there is no chance at all that the movie exists in the known universe.  When students are openly drinking at the prom, the principal Bruce Willis is threatening the students with bodily harm, etc. etc.

Those examples were just from the first half hour.  It gets more cartoonish and stupid after that.  This is a movie that so desperately wants to be Brick but misses the mark by so much that many of the “noir”-ish lines of dialogue generate nothing more than a derisive guffaw from me.  I’m really trying hard to not be a pretentious snarky movie review writing guy, but it was so derivative that they should be paying royalties to Rian Johnson.  Actually, maybe that’s why the production company behind the movie went bankrupt and this went straight to DVD rather than getting the theatrical release everyone involved thought it should get.

1 / 5


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