Helvetica (2007)

I was going to be all cheeky and make this post using the Helvetica font, but a smarter man than I would have to educate me on how to do that for an individual entry as opposed to changing over my WIDELY READ BLOG to a different design choice.  Helvetica is a documentary exploring the origins and usage of the Helvetica font.  Yes, it is a doc on a font, and I have no problems with making documentaries about the origins of mundane things as long as they are engaging and interesting, and Helvetica certainly is.

Gary Hustwit directed an intelligent and compelling documentary about the appearance of words.  Uwe Boll can barely speak words without fucking it up.  Michael Bay would blow up words JUST BECAUSE HE CAN *grabs crotch, spits*.  Helvetica doesn’t overstay its welcome either, or become super pretentious.  It clocks in at a brisk 80 minutes and covers numerous positions.. er, I guess the opinions of both “for” and “against” the usage of Helvitca.  So two positions.  ENGAGING though.  And it looks crisp and gorgeous, because it is about Helvetica!

I did hear that Brett Ratner was writing up a sequel for it: Comic Sans.

4 / 5


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