The Beaver (2011)

You must have heard about this movie, with noted crazyhead Mel Gibson using a puppet beaver to reintegrate himself into his family and business life.  It was directed by Jodie Foster, a noted friend of crazyhead’s.  The entire premise of the movie is that even though the idea of a CEO / father using a puppet to interact with people is at first greeted with hostility, it is almost then immediately accepted and leads to financial success and family togetherness!  HUZZAH!~

There’s a nice little side story concerning Anton Yelchin and the lovely and supremely talented Jennifer Lawrence.  The side story isn’t anything we haven’t seen before – super hot intelligent girl is quirky and likes the nerdy guy and she has Issues – but the two actors put a lot of heart into their performances.  As does crazyhead, and while the premise is so very hard to get past, it’s a movie that I will begrudgingly call “decent”.

3 / 5


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