Super (2010)

I was all set to deride Super as a Kick-Ass ripoff before I had even seen a minute of the film.  Then I saw Ellen Page doing her “inappropriate” costume self-touching and I was jazzed, positively STOKED to watch it… for purely cinematic appreciation reasons, of course.  Writer and director James Gunn (of Troma and criminally underappreciated Slither fame) crafts a story bordering on a profile of a serial killer, whilst being able to generate genuine sympathy for the sad sack character.  And genuine sympathy is far better that sad, pity sympathy.

Having Gunn, Rainn Wilson, Page, and Nathan Fillion on my Twitter Following list has resulted in numerous Tweets and ReTweets about Super, and I couldn’t be happier to be part of the crew that support it fully.  While Kick-Ass was dark, it also bordered on raunchy, and Super seems to go the other way, chronicling a deeply emotional and potentially self-destructive journey of self-discovery by Frank D’Arbo (Wilson).  When his wife, Sarah (Liv Tyler), leaves him and descends back into her addictions – thanks to the wonderfully smarmy Jacques/Jock (Kevin Bacon) – Frank has hit rock bottom, and starts taking stock of his life to the point where he begs an answer from God (Rob Zombie).  And then he becomes a crime fighter.

Frank’s turn on being a hero often borders on deeply disturbing and highly illegal acts of brutality, and there is certainly cause to question whether it is parody or satirizing America’s obsession with violence.  Ultimately though, it IS a journey Frank/The Crimson Bolt is going on, and he discovers many things about himself along the way and I’m going to cut this short and say that Super certainly isn’t for everyone, but it is a quality film that deserves more attention right now.

4 / 5


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