The Big Bang (2011)

Look at that poster.  It’s more The Big Hit than it is Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and that is A Problem.  When a script contains numerous references to scientific facts and has a particle collider as a plot point, you do not market your movie to popcorn audiences.  When it’s more film noir than film technicolour, you paint it as such.  Movie marketers often miss the boat and completely screw over any chance a high quality movie has of making any money.  The Big Bang is another sad example of that stupidity.

I’d go into great detail about how great the writing, acting, execution of everything in the movie is all excellent, hitting all the right notes in film noir, how all the characters and storytelling actually serve the story and not the financial bottomline, but I don’t do that on this blog.  I simply state whether a movie is worthy of your time or not, and The Big Bang is definitely in the Worthy camp.  It ain’t perfect, but it’ll do ’til perfect gets here.

4.5 / 5


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