Trust (2010)

I like dark movies as much as the next quiet, introspective person, but Trust certainly pushed those limits of mine.  I’ve seen gore and disembowelments and Jackass stunts that tested my strength before, but it’s been a long time since I’ve felt almost physically ill while watching a movie.  Who knew that David Schwimmer could direct something that powerful?

The movie basically centres around Annie Cameron (Liana Liberato), who the Wiki states is a 15-year old, but I could have sworn the movie said she was 14.  Anyways, Annie gets a new computer for her birthday from her dad, Will (Clive Owen), and she starts communicating with a guy named Charlie (Chris Henry Coffey).  The conversation is innocent to start, then escalates in a soul-wrenching and disturbing fashion with every lie that is revealed.  I’m not really spoiling anything here, as if you watch the trailer for it, the crux of the film is pretty much revealed to you.

This movie doesn’t pull punches though.  It’s a far more real and likely story that casts the victim in a light darker than any “CSI” would.  It’s a harsh and hard movie to sit through, but if you do, you’ll be rewarded with excellent performances, most notably the young Liana Liberato who deserves numerous awards for her acting in this movie.

4 / 5


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