Nine (2009)

I generally don’t have a problem with musicals if they’re done right.  However, just because something was a hit Broadway musical does not mean that it will translate well to the medium of film.  The Phantom of the Opera from 2004 is an example of that particular phenomenon.  However, director Rob Marshall has experienced success with the formula before with Chicago, and that was kind of what I was hanging my hopes on in the case of Nine.  However, my opinion is with the other 63% on RottenTomatoes that says “this sucked”.

It’s not for a lack of decent performances or stunning production values.  Hell, look at that cast list, numerous Oscar winners and nominees in the bloated “main” cast.  I wish this were a case of “Monster Syndrome” where the lead performance elevated the entire movie to a higher level, but in this case, not even Daniel Day-Lewis could pump life into it.  He’s good, but not on a Daniel Plainview-level, and frankly, this movie was such an odd choice for him to choose to do.  I can’t picture him immersing himself so deeply into this role that he’d randomly burst into song when self-reflecting.  It just seems so… orchestrated, which is odd to suggest of a musical, I know.

Anyways, there are tonnes of other movies out there that are far more entertaining for you to watch, so don’t waste a couple hours of your life on this one.

1.5 / 5


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