Dead Snow (2009)

Nazis Zombies in Norway.  That’s pretty much the most self-explanatory title I could come up with to describe Dead Snow.  It’s part typical horror/slasher film, part Indiana Jones-homage and part Pirates of the Caribbean (the first movie, not the ride and how shameful I feel that I live in a world where I have to make that kind of distinction.  Your kids will probably grow up to bear witness to Merry-Go-Round: The Movie one day).

The film begins with a group of dudes and girls all heading up to a cabin for a weekend of HARDCORE NORWEGIAN DRINKING or some shit.  Two couples hanging out with two dudes and another single girl.  Things happen, many things completely avoidable if you actually paid attention to Scream but alas, they’re from Norway.  There’s a curse of some sort and the zombies are all Nazis from back in the day, relentless in the pursuit of their fabled lost gold.

The film is sub-titled, and entertaining enough although nothing is exactly a brand new spin on the genre or anything.  See it if you like zombies and reading!

3 / 5


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